With all the diverse garage door opener models out there

by:Hongfa     2020-09-13

Look at the right factors:

1. What style of a garage door do you own?

You have to take into account the sort of your garage door. Is your garage door a tilt-up, roll-up or a sectional style? Not all garage door openers may fit all door types. While the sectional sort appears to have been a popular selection earlier, nowadays the sectional variety is the most widespread.

2. Choose an opener for your door weight

Knowing the weight of your garage door is very important. If you use a heavy door with a second-rate low-power motor that doesn't sustain it, your motor will stop. If you have a light door then using the most heavy-duty motor may not be the suitable use of your cash. Strong motors may be able to handle any weight but your bank account may not handle the price for that type of motors.

3. Ceiling height

Owning a garage with a low ceiling can be tremendously limiting if you want to own a remote garage door opener, all the traditional openers on railings don't fit. You do have an alternative though of purchasing a wall mounted opener just like the LiftMaster Professional series of openers. If you own a exceptionally high ceiling or you want use the space above the garage door opener you will have a difficult time using the standard rail mounted opener that operates above the garage door. The wall mounted openers like the LiftMaster 3800 are perfect in these types of situations.

4. Check out the security

Break-ins through the garage door have recently become overly popular, making extra security a essential selection in homes. Manual dead bolts are great but automatic dead bolts are amazing. There are openers that include or have optional automatic dead bolts connected to the opener, making your home safer. Criminals utilize a trick called the coat-hanger trick to open garage openers from their track, making the perfect way into houses. I know of two things that can prevent this from occurring, shielding the release mechanism or installing your opener flat on the wall. That way muggers are not able to unlock the door by using a metal wire.

5. Safety

Safety mechanisms play a big role when getting a garage door opener. The most essential safety factor in a garage door opener is without a doubt the protection against being pinned down. You can find openers that check the pressure automatically when closing the garage door and stop or even reverse the garage door when they encounter an obstruction. Included with some openers are infrared eyes that can assist you add more safety features in your garage. The garage door opener will stop or reverse if the garage door is being closed and someone breaks the infrared beam. If they are supported, they are either optional or included in the package.

6. Warranty

Long warranty periods on products often point out that the manufacturer used higher quality parts when manufacturing their products. Manufacturers vary in warranty lengths, but good manufacturers like LiftMaster and Wayne Dalton make sure to select good parts in their products. Models like the LiftMaster 3800 have great warranty lengths.

7. Operating Noise

Noises in a garage door openers can be very annoying for residents living nearby. Of all garage door openers types out there, the wall mounted units are probably the most quiet.

8. Does the opener have additional accessories?

Having access to accessories for any electronics is essential (think computers and usb drives). You never know when you want added features like laser assisted parking or battery backup in case of power outage. That is why I think it is crucial to select an opener with a great selection of available accessories.

I personally especially like the silent LiftMaster Professional 3800 because it does everything that I need and it is relatively cheap, so if you're looking for a good opener, you can get that model or a one that is corresponding. It fulfills all my requirements as a garage door opener with all the security and safety bells and whistles.

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