Why do fast shutter need electrostatic spray steel structure

by:Hongfa     2020-08-01
Rapid steel structure refers to the doorpost, motor box and other main frame structure, main material for cold rolled steel plate, its anti-corrosion, rust removal process is very nervous, or serious influence its use life, my company introduce electrostatic spraying, introduce you the best available to the public the following defects: electrostatic spraying, is make the spray paint particles with negative charge in the dc high voltage electric field, again under the action of electrostatic field, directional to fly to positively charged by spraying the surface, form a layer of average solid coating method. Electrostatic spraying strengths: 1, not or rarely mist flying into the air, thus can improve the workers' labor conditions. 2, can make the spray paint process to realize the initiative, high obedience. 3, compared with other coating method can save paint a lot. 4, quality of paint film, includes brightness, adhesion of the coating, all get big progress. Defect: 1, the equipment is relatively chaos. The solvent selectivity of 2, the stronger, the temperature and humidity on the quality of the coating may also be affected. 3, due to the dc voltage up to 100 kv, so more should pay attention to safety control. 4, be on the surface of the coating appearance difference ( Such as corrugated steel drum and head circle) , can form the change of the electric field strength, and thus affect the paint film of the average degree. Rapid door can be divided into ordinary and zipper, the highest rate of up to 2 meters per second.
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