When fast door ooze water what's the solution?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-05
In everyday use, sometimes find fast shutter door frame around the door have water leakage, especially under the window Angle, then the splicing combination Windows. Below small make up will answer about fast shutter plan, if there is water seepage. Rapid rolling door is widely used in existing residential buildings. In the actual installation and construction, if do not pay attention to some details, tend to leave hidden trouble, for future use and water penetration. Relevant measures: 1. Due to rapid rolling door profiles and the thermal expansion coefficient of wall materials, under the influence of temperature, the connection between the frame and wall easily come hairline cracks. In order to prevent water penetration cracks, rapid rolling door and window frames should be connected to the wall elastic. Construction process, shall, first of all, demolition of the joint groove float ash, mortar particles and other debris, then connect the frame with inside and outside the wall. Sealant is sealed, the glue should be straight, don't miss, the adhesive should be strong. 2. Show the connection of the screw should be sealed with sealant, in order to prevent water penetration. Rapid doors and Windows installation is firm, the overall poor rigidity, fast shutter window frame seams in the wall cracking; Shaking when sliding door window frame fan; When hand press or winds, window frame significantly deformation and shaking, let a person feel not safe. Control measures: 1. Should be installed according to the door and window size, highly selective fast shutter doors and Windows, and select the appropriate profile. 2. Install the fast door and window frames, fittings shall be connected to the wall, so that reliable connection. Thickness of fittings shall be not less than 1. 5 mm made of thin steel plate, and should be embalmed. Connection methods usually use expansion bolts and sat on a wall. 3. After installation fast door and door window, can according to the inspection door window frame. If it is found that it was shaking or deformation, should be strengthened. The above is how perspective rapid rolling door is introduced. If you have any questions, please contact our online customer service. We will answer you one by one. Finally, hongfa I wish you a happy life, thank you for reading!
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