What's the PVC door quickly counterweight device for

by:Hongfa     2020-07-25
PVC door because there is no balance block device quickly, when on or turn off the shutter is not stable, great vibration, motor output power is big, can only apply to small specifications of the door. For customer service more than technology, a rapid door counterweight device can make the PVC door open and turn off when the doors of fast flow, running more stable. PVC door quickly counterweight device, including installed in the slot at the top of the drum, the drum shaft is installed inside, on the rotor winding flaps, one end of the rotating shaft through the bearing installed on the side of the gate, on the other side of the rotating shaft connected to the power output of the motor, the motor installed at the side of the above the doorway; Whose character is at one end of the shaft, away from the motor set the counter weight. Counter weight is set at the end of drum longitudinal rail, counter weight can be lifting movement along the longitudinal rail. PVC door quickly counterweight device install the counter weight at one end of the drum, when the motor work, counter weight as the curtain opened and closed, up or down movement, can make fast door open close work more smooth and reliable. PVC door quickly counterweight device has the advantages of simple structure, can make fast running more smoothly, reduce the runtime of noise and vibration, reduce the power of the motor, thus greatly reduce the manufacturing cost, especially suitable for book door of the gate size is larger.
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