What is the working principle of automatic doors?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-06
To enhance the sense of science and technology of life, in our work, life and many public places, automatic door can be seen everywhere, greatly reduce the labor intensity and the introduction of traffic efficiency. Today we talk about the working principle of the automatic door. 1, unlocked. Automatic door unlock the coordination between the action and open action, applied to the automatic sliding door of electronic lock electromagnetic locks and lock the door have a lock on the belt body hang electric lock, lock motor of the three. The latter is used for heavy automatic sliding door, automatic flat open electronic lock has electromagnetic suction door, bolt locks and electronic door opener, direction of force does not affect the electronic door open action, wrong operation is not easy to happen. There is also a contact switch mechanical lock, lock and the switch, the lock is not in a state of the lock, contact will not be able to contact, could not have happened wrong operation. 2, centralized control. The concept of centralized control, including centralized monitoring automatic running state and concentrated multiple automatic door operation two meanings, centralized monitoring automatic door to open the door closed state can be done by position signal output circuit, can be used in a contact switch, when the door to a certain position ( Such as open position) When touch switch and contact signal is given. Also can use inductive signal generator, when the sensors detect the door in a certain position signal. Is set inside the corresponding indicator light, can show the state of the automatic door, while centralized operation usually refers to multiple open or lock the door. 3, open the door. Automatic door open signal is contact signal, microwave radar and infrared sensor is commonly used two kinds of signal source: microwave radar is the displacement response of the object, and reaction speed, suitable for walking speed normal personnel through places, its characteristic is once near the door of the staff don't want to go out and motionless, radar will no longer response, automatic doors will be closed, the door machine has certain protective effect. Infrared sensor to reaction of objects exist, regardless of personnel mobile or not, as long as in the sensor scanning range, it will response from contact signal. Defect is infrared sensor response speed slower, applicable to have slow personnel in and out of place.
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