What is the structure of the fast shutter?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-11
Fast shutter now has been widely applied to People's Daily life, fast shutter is more joint activity in series with the door piece fixed within the chute, centering on the door above the scroll up and down the door of the rotation. But how about the structure of the fast shutter of this problem, many people still not understand. Below, along with hongfa industry take a look at fast shutter overall structure contains what parts! ! ! ! The top structure: fast shutter drive organization equipment within the openings at the top of the chassis, chassis made by the thickness of 2 mm thick galvanized steel, two head comprised of 6 mm thick steel plate manufacturing, on the end plate is equipped with a scroll bearing equipment, drive motor, balance equipment of the system components and equipment, steel appearance by plastic processing into customer need color. Scroll devices within the case, by the drum shaft end, bearing, etc. Guide box: guide box by 2 mm thick galvanized steel manufacturing, in the two side was fixed at metope, the case is placed in the guide groove box at the top of the fixed through bolts and guide box and metope. Guide box fixed guide two side seal wool top, to ensure the sealing requirements, at the bottom of guide box is about 1 m high from ground, the reserve have infrared monitor equipment location. Guide box by pensu processing, color with chassis, guide in the department of brush against flaps to control curtain is not from the guide groove, if when the car crashed into the door, door curtain guide will drop out, and then prevent damage of the door. Curtain, curtain block made, each section of the height of about 700 millimeters, paragraphs flaps after special aluminum wind connection into a whole shade cloth, fabric thickness 1. 2 mm, with high strength, impact resistance, not easily Pierce, etc. Also can choose & delta; = 2 mm transparent PVC to make curtain, in order to observe the soft curtain doors on both sides of the situation, in the bottom of the curtain with aluminum beam, and prevent impact, soft bag flaps at the top of the screw and layering is fixed on the reel. Drive equipment: after geared motor direct drive soft curtain door pivot, differ according to the actual demand for speed control, the speed of adjustment to the need, the most rapid degree can reach more than 80 cm/s. Control circuit selects the variable frequency control, do it slow starting slow stop when the curtain is running, and can make the cord in place since the stop, can suspend movement in the process of operation. Control: soft door curtain is equipped with the control box, can be in the control box operation & quot; Open & quot; ” Stop & quot; ” Customs & quot; And on the other side of the manipulation of the tank walls set manipulation of the press to & quot; Open & quot; ” Stop & quot; ” Customs & quot; In the operation. Can be equipped with remote control based on demand and radar exploration or magnetic induction automatic doors, on both sides of the gate equipped with infrared monitoring equipment, when the obstacle is that when the door body movement through the doorway, curtain movement will be suspended, or return to open the door. That is about the structure of the book door quickly, hongfa focus for many years to provide all kinds of high quality fast shutter, also look forward to the cooperation with the customers, welcome to consult.
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