What is the need to be aware of explosion-proof door quickly

by:Hongfa     2020-07-23
Explosion-proof type fast door information about structure, unclear guys ever master. Hongfa wood door chat with everyone today the topic of discussion that is to say some common questions about explosion-proof door quickly. 1, import cable copper core cable to connect into two arch sealing ring in the middle, of copper core cable impalement highlight, import cable need connection pin and tight fixed arch sealing ring card, to avoid shaking. 2, junction box an import, can import more than two core type cable junction box, when importing a multicore type cable only apply when importing a another five line of three-phase metallic gasket shall not remove or explosion-proof properties will be lost. 3, elastic drive chain, from machine foot two adjusting screws, adjust the elastic drive chain. After the adjustment, should be clamping machine sole presser foot nut. 4, under the rating work attitude, explosion-proof type fast door motor shell temperature cannot exceed required temperature. Three phase line and the temperature of the motor stator is higher than the allowable temperature of the commonly used cable, to ensure that the cable operation can be trusted. Rapid door how to guarantee the lever? At the time that the application of fast door, have a professional rapid door installation equipment, able to make quick more security door in turn off the case, what is it against the lever technical? Under the little sister for guys explain how fast door pry proof. Rapid door pry proof equipment, including a set under the bottom of the tank in the wood, content place one elevator control panel, on both sides of the bottom groove and interaction between solid buy a full automatic elevator elevator control panel the power switch, power switch consists of a hollow T power switch, the side matching parts are set up for split pin over the hole, the power switch placed content a closed at the bottom of the column type hollow sleeve specifications, the side of the sleeve specifications match to set up a inverted l-shaped slot and positioning pin, the sleeve specifications set within a lift valve core, valve core consists of a set play on each side of yellow heart valve body, buried on the establishment of a suitable for split pin over the hole, one at the top of the closed valve core condom was built in the valve core body, valve core, pour L photogenic match sleeve size on slot parts to set up a position in turn between skewed slot and precise positioning guide groove, split pin successively over the power switch is buried holes, the sleeve on the tank and valve core set of specifications of skewed slot and the buried in the heart valve body hole precision positioning, the power switch with yellow bottom groove - set a shot, clamping, below will be embedded into the pry proof equipment, more than the prize. Even after the general fast door installation prevents pry technical, shopping malls or stores all is one thousand times of guard against theft, your asset is more security! Around that is to say about how fast door pry proof in detail, if have any doubt can online message online customer service.
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