What is the distinguishing feature of simple introduction fast shutter

by:Hongfa     2020-07-21
Lu Sheng door industry specializing in the production of installing doors, rapid doors, high-quality products, such as hard fast door skill quality, guaranteeing quality and good function, high cost performance, service humanization, farewell to consult or investigation to the factory! Rapid rolling door literal meaning is the rapid opening and closing a product category, can be invented for the customer safety, heat preservation, clean production situation. Small make up in changchun, in this present you fast shutter itself has the characteristics of the advantages. 1. Secure, stable operation, due to the acceptance of the overall frame structure so as to ensure the door bearing structure safety and stable operation as a whole. 2. Sensitive active alarm device, no matter use anything illegal on pushing, will move the hydrodynamic starting immediately report to the police. 3. Feel device installed in the infrared correlation on either side of the door, even forcibly opened the door, when the person or object into the door, infrared feel immediately start, continue to report to the police. 4. Rapid door has more advantages, it is widely used in electronics, medicine, food, plastics, chemicals, packaging, printing, textile, automobile manufacturing, logistics, warehousing, etc.
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