What is the difference between fast shutter and ordinary shutter

by:Hongfa     2020-07-18
Rapid rolling door is a kind of electric rolling door, it run faster than the 0 per second. Six meters. So, fast shutter and what is the difference between ordinary shutter? 1, what is a fast shutter speed doors are a kind of electric rolling door, it run faster than the 0 per second. 6 meters, can in maximum extent, rapid opening and closing, without manual operation, only need to remote control command line, to provide users with convenient, in the largest degree and can greatly reduce the noise generated from your doors. 2, fast shutter and ordinary shutter in common when it comes to both in common, may be the biggest point is their main material is the same: door frame is using stainless steel as the main material, door curtain is used in aluminum alloy, of course they in addition to the material, its modelling also no too big difference, the color of the curtain also can be according to the consumers like to buy. 3, fast shutter and the difference between ordinary book door if you want to mention the difference between them, of course is their working principle, ordinary book door can only be done manually open the door closed, however fast automatic doors can be made by the remote control line, they can in the shortest possible time to complete, and will not bring bigger noise, certainly must be the same as ordinary book door after a power outage, manual operation. 4, fast shutter on current form, the purpose of the fast shutter is generally used in large warehouses, freezer, factories, etc, of course, some economically developed areas of supermarkets, shops and other places are also useful to some rich parking garage also is done with fast shutter, the parking has brought great convenience for them.
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