What is the difference between fast shutter and ascend the door?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-17
Have a lot of customer inquiry often said quick promotion door, this statement is not accurate, promoted and fast door are two completely different products, the following is help you distinguish yourself from the junction negotiations use. Negotiations on the material, industrial sliding door is to be able to follow the ceiling, wall installed orbit make reasonable door when running into space, rate of progress within the space of the workshop cajoling. Subject for polyurethane door plank, the surface color for galvanized steel, internal fill high pressure foaming, see more of the total thickness of 40,50,75 mm, 50 mm more see, basically see manufacturer on the load bearing ability and heat preservation requirements, door accepted bearing type operation, low noise, recoverable window light, large door can open doors, for staff, the wind results better door insulation box, open/close rate is 0. Of 2 meters per second, suitable plant external use; Quickly gathered by shaft door, mobilize the straps, pack up traction hangings, subject to high density industrial base cloth, city road also more varieties, the most commonly used is the French brand, color diversity, * 1 *, blue, gray, * 1 *, orange, curtain every 50 cm to add a rib wind resistance, wind resistance function also is pretty good, when installation, with 800 mm - over the mouth of the cave 1000 mm, can't open a door, can open the perspective window, appearance is oval or rectangular, rate, the ordinary motor is 0. 6 - - - - - - - 1. 2 m/s, servo motor and control system, the ordinary can reach 1. More than 5 meters, has the mosquitoes, dustproof, heat preservation effect. Mainly used in the clean room long, dust-free workshop, medicine, the operating room the situation requirement is very high. Is well known, these two kinds of product are Lu Sheng door industry's flagship product, product quality and service prestige depend on itself, these two kinds of products on the market sell well in the accompanying the top of the industry, here will be introduced to the public, the company quickly gathered the door was also but it slip door version of ups and downs, more portable, design also more and more regards, hope you can choose and buy.
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