What is the difference between accumulation rapid door and rapid rolling door?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-24
Gathered with fast door is industry fast door category two representative of the product, in the initiative opening and closing, rapid ups and downs, dustproof, saving energy and reducing consumption has a lot in common, and has certain similarity in appearance. So the difference between them out over there now? Difference between a: surface, gathered the door steel cross wind resistance among the curtain, and flaps are one; Quickly into aluminium alloy door curtain as wind resistance reinforcement, performance in the external. Difference between two: promotion method, gathered the door relying on axis cylinder turned vertical promotion, suspenders curtain, curtain form stack gather results; Fast door relies on gate shaft rotation indirectly to shutter promoted as a result, without straps for. Difference between three: wind function, gathered the door because of the number of wind resistance reinforcement is bigger, stronger wind function, can be used in FengKouChu or outdoor installation; Rapid door results of wind resistance is poorer, more suitable in indoor use. Difference between four: promotion rate, aggregation rate at 0 door open. 4 m/s, the rapid rate at 0 door open. 6 m/s, the faster rate.
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