What is industrial slippery rise door security advantages?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-04
Then the development trend of industrial production, industrial sliding door is becoming more and more popular, more in the electric shutter before, although it has many advantages, such as wind, heat insulation, sealing properties, etc. Despite the slippery rise of lay particular stress on net of the door industry, but in fact industrial sliding door is very safe. Here, the people of xu feng wood to talk about the application of industrial door to pay more attention to matters: 1, please make sure that the door is good, running without binding; Only allow the installation of the equilibrium yellow, equilibrium good door opened the door installed on the machine body, otherwise will lead to open the door machine overweight destroy. When you try to please technology professional installation personnel to conduct regular inspection of installation. 2, installation and be sure to get the line according to the architectural engineering construction standards and specifications to carry out electric equipment, electric wire specifications ≧ 1. 5平方毫米; Power plug must receive a grounding device outlet, it is strictly prohibited to remove the plug on the grounding device of wire. 3 slide rail end should be modified, the hydrodynamic 臵 mechanical equipment limit switch located or cache propeller, prevent the hydrodynamic sliding out. 4, quickly released a handle for installation, maintenance of professional and technical personnel only door application when running status, and only if the door has been lock, without falling weight fall risk condition can be carried out to get rid of the spanner. Get rid of the spanner is banned in the whole operation process. 5, control cabinet shall be installed in areas can observe the operation condition of the door, it is strictly prohibited in the actual operation controller can't see the door operation. 6, please control cabinet stationary from 1. More than four meters column wall, prevent children casual touch. Another good storage controller, children are not allowed to touch or play, to avoid risks. 7, before the repair and move the door machine, please disconnect switch power supply, and shall ensure that the door has been lock, carried out under condition of no risk of falling weight. 8, in the industrial operation of the slippery rise door body, it is prohibited to non-motor vehicles, car directly from the hydrodynamic according to or directly in the hydrodynamic stranded. 9, when opening and closing body type to drive a manual transmission chain based rules have large industrial door? Large part of industrial door industry is committed to the industrial production and has unique make provisions of the customer design and production and processing. For open rate, heat insulation, sound insulation noise reduction, sealing, shock, etc have high. In accordance with the industrial door set inside usable floor area can be divided into large industrial doors. Large industrial door for large and medium-sized machinery and equipment, large and medium-sized transport equipment manufacturing, storage and maintenance of the safety of the channel and multiple types of civilian and military secure channel between the large and medium-sized warehouse and maintenance of aircraft. Large industrial door has the following several characteristics: 1, can trust: the large industrial doors's total area is large, the design when considering the factor of safety of goods, configuration or infrared sensing safety protector, such as air duct according to different design configuration of the proper security protector. 2, was able to, because of the use of the large industrial door cover large area, considering the goods was in the meeting at the beginning of design scheme of can, in consideration of different regional air pressure regulation, and make sure that the large industrial doors. 3, adiabatic closed: industrial doors frame choose sides caigang watts, add filling polyurethane foam insulation materials, heat insulation, sound insulation, noise reduction, heat insulation and other advantages. Near the door choose epdm rubber sealing strip or brush seal, huge to ensure the sealing characteristic of the large industrial doors.
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