What are the typical features of industrial promotion door is introduced

by:Hongfa     2020-07-31
Acceptability: on the basis of building structure, to promote open door straight up, flat on the doors in the wall on side, do not possess all interior space in the room; Use the vertical rise, don't possess the advantages on both sides of the door leaf, released many doors and interior space; Appearance: two layers of galvanized sheet plus polyurethane layer, surface embossing design allows the door for a long time will not change, durable, having a unique style, slippery rise enterprise brand image; Heat insulation properties: two layers of thick steel plate to reduce energy loss, in 42 kg/m3 density polyurethane material insulation, heat insulation effect is wonderful; Open the noise protection: low noise, hot dip galvanized movable pulley block is equipped with adjustable ball bearing, and wear resistance of tire noise control opening and closing door. Was: when the total width of gate above a certain design scheme has external type steel plate to ensure that its compressive strength. By the European standard test, can resist instantaneous velocity 10 wind speed. The top and bottom sealing, door plank, equipped with high quality silica gel seal on both sides, door plank in the middle of sealing, ensure that around the door body is not subject to corrosion are modified sealing strip, sealing is wonderful; Safety device: fall prevention equipment, automotive airbags ( Can choose) , avoid door to fall or collisions with roadblocks in the lower end of the door, door, automatic stop or reverse direction, to avoid safety accident; The galvanized steel wire rope equipment, torsional spring bursts insurance device. Avoid all methods of body damage, things will be.
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