What are the shutter door industry characteristic

by:Hongfa     2020-07-11
Shutter door industry characteristics what 1, shutter door industry: shutter door industry, according to the electrostatic powder coating, bring up the color of beautiful beautiful beautiful appearance, aluminum profile closely powder surface, reduce the scratch, rain erosion resistant, antifouling anti-fouling, strong and durable. Also have a certain impact compressive strength, ensure the safety of the whole portal page in the application process. 2, the application of a variety of security measures: safety precautions in some industrial shutter industrial door security door manufacturers depends on the outside, such as infrared induction magnetic induction system software, automatic alarm and other additional security implementation, often ignore the anti-theft door body design, met the specific difficulties in the operation process, the portal page, this kind of additional security equipment only has a warning effect, but it can't curb risk. Infrared sensor is very smart. Because of the wide Angle lens is exposed outside a long time, very easy to accumulate dust, infra-red sensors of fiddling, and the door can not be normal on or off. On the other hand, it harm productivity and safety production. Design scheme of double axis of two security guard, shutter door industry automatic clamping structure, resistance to bounce device, and the shutter industrial door curtain secondary improve, according to the design of tooth hook, shade plate and the slice in the middle of the fusion is more inseparable, reduce differences, reduce damage, reduce noise, improve safety coefficient. 3, could the shutter doors to longer. For automatic balance the overall design, industrial door to maintain a layer of axial slice to total width and tracks, to reduce the impact friction loss and noise in the middle of the industrial door and fence, not cause friction promote long-term application, more redundant enhance force of skew Angle, the reasonable all normal operation of machine maintenance, increase the life of the motor, reduce the damage. 4, the control method can be by the wireless transmitter remote operation, easy to use, 30 meters without barrier within the actual operation easily. Industrial door hinge hinge is a key installation to join or rotating equipment, shook the door, cover, or other components can, in turn, rotating, generally consists of a pair of metal material leaves split pin connections. Is one of the important parts industrial door installed above. And the installation of industrial door hinges are pay attention to, to pay more attention to the key in any of the following five points: ( 1) Before the installation, should check industrial door hinge with doors and Windows, fan is matched. ( 2) Check the slippery rise industrial production hinge slot and door hinge is high, wide and thick matches. ( 3) Should check the connection between the hinge screws, standard parts are supporting facilities. ( 4) Door hinge mode of interface should be consistent with box, fan material, such as steel box car lighting commonly used hinges, on one side of the connection with steel box for electric welding welding, with one side of the wood frame connection is wood screw stationary. ( 5) Two pages in the hinge plate under different conditions, should identify which one page plate should be into the door, which one page board with doors and Windows should be child, connects with the shaft three side should be fixed with the box, connects with the shaft each side should be fixed with the box.
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