What are the industrial slippery rise door part?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-23
Hongfa industrial sliding door to popular science today what it briefly industrial sliding door parts litres door all of the sections of door plank, operate in rail system software of the right door opens, and the equilibrium system software with the rotor dynamic balance, doorway pages for 42 mm thick thermal insulation board. Fast lian industrial door is a selection of European technical intelligence section elevator door, its overall goal is to design for these must be strong, has good heat dielectric strength can save interior space and its industrial production house wall with a door of the customer. This kind of climbing door under the drag is opened up to the ceiling, pushing the door completely open. Can supply different Windows to show excellent light and clarity. Door plank of door plank thick 42 mm, 500 mm high, among them, the surface is zero. 5 mm thick with convex-concave patterns of aluminum or thick steel plate. Layer for the approved by pressure layer under high temperature effect the exothermic reaction and shape of polyurethane foam insulation materials, and the inner and surface of metal materials/sandwich foamed plastic/metal material way of sandwich board. Other notes, such as the assembly line folding door plank and thickening in the steel belt structure reinforcement. Each door plank thru equipped with sealing rubber repair partition cold heat transfer, reduce the heat damage. The relative density of foamed plastics 48 kg/m 2 kg/m3 & ensp; Sealing the ascension of all door assembly line with the top and bottom sealing. And all the tracks between the door and are equipped with sealing gasket to show their door, and excellent in sealing between tracks. Good sealing. Heat insulation, No light window door) Turn off the situation in view of the installed door ( 4 x4m) The value of the detection index is: 0. 84 W/m2  C( The surface of the steel door) 0. 95 W/m2  oC( Aluminum surface of the door) 。 According to the door plank U value between 0. 4 W/m2  oC。 For one gate installed in sealing gas impermeability is about 2. 0立方米/平方米/小时 ( 50 mpa working pressure) 。 Equilibrium system software upgrade door system software to ensure balanced by a high strength spring, spring lasts for at least 20000 circulation system cycle time. Specification or so until 150000 circulation system could cycle time can be optional. Spring break prevention equipment with each spring spring broken equipment, in all our spring break, the door will be in the range of 20 cm. Electrical and control equipment fast united door, there are two different motor FEM5 and FEM100 concrete on the basis of net weight of the door and open the selected relative to the types of motor frequency. Control cabinet mounted on the control panel buttons to keep/stop/close function. Specification for the three function keys to open. Other common control effect can be optional. Automatic doors of the driving power supply of 380 v/three-phase, 50 hz. Open close rate is 0. 25 m/s. Insurance device quickly league at the bottom of the automatic door is equipped with a pneumatic safety device. Such as door in turn off the whole process run into roadblocks, the safety device will make the door opposite direction operation until all open. Stop the rope block spring bursts business hardware consists of stamping die casting high toughness aluminum cover; 7 strands galvanized steel wire rope. Increased use of stainless steel hinge. Aluminum profile arc brace continuity adjustment easily. Slippery rise door parts accessories made the top rail, springs, door plank, galvanized steel wire rope
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