What are the considerations electric door quickly output pin

by:Hongfa     2020-07-05
Electric door quickly output wires must pay attention to the following two aspects: 1, the electromagnetic coil to find two lines should be twisted, relative density for many 50 knot per meter, not will affect the output of the twisted-pair wires. Output wire length shall not exceed 5 metres. Because of the sensitivity of the detection of electromagnetic coil, decrease with the length of the conductor increase, so the length of the wire itu will try to short. 2, when conducting electromagnetic coil linear remove a pebble in the wire slot must be clean, in case the middle car trips to cause electromagnetic coil exercises or skin break fast door ground sense coil anomalies in the work. Rapid rolling door automation control inspection: 1, with the light source of tobacco smoke make any smoke detector in the system software, protection device will spread alarm system, electronic control system for automatic starting shutter 2 other times fall off the shutter. Shutter fell away from the road one at a time. 2 meters long parking, katyn 90 seconds, when the automatic starting electric rolling door all turn off again. 2, electric shutter after turn off, only to be smoke detector ( Or heat) Calibration data signal fading, or reset switch suitability can again open the shutter. 3, fire safety management center key practical inspection: a fire safety management center set book door turn off the key, only the actual operation after turn off the button book door according to the second drop off in time, check the fire safety management center data signals are all normal. 4, check out the disadvantages of the repair immediately in the system software. 5, develop the ash of electric rolling door, paint may fall down and part of deformation region to carry out the repair, ensure the shutter exterior clean up the beauty is generous.
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