What are the classification of common automatic doors?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-13
Automatic door refers to a person close to the door can be action ( Or will some entry authorization) Identification for the signal to open the control unit, through the open door drive system, after the people left automatically closed the door again, and the process of the open and closed control system. Well, here's what are the common automatic classification. 1, points: the form of the opening and closing can be divided into overlapping sliding door, open the door, door, folding door, arc doors and the revolving door. ( 1) Sliding door: can be subdivided into single open, double open, overlapping and overlapping double opened arc door open. Arc door door leaf along a solitary form a smooth move, can be divided into half arc one-way two-way, the whole arc, half arc. In order to maximize the broaden the entrance rate, some push and pull ( Nested) Automatic doors can be made after the open end and fixed fan overlap a manual flat open, also summarized as push-pull automatic door. ( 2) Revolving door, can be subdivided into center shaft, circular guide hanging and display type, etc. ( 3) Flat open: one-way, can be subdivided into single two-way and one-way, single fan two-way. ( 4) Fan fold fold door, can be subdivided into 2 and 4 fold. ( 5) Overlap gate: page can be divided into the belt door automatic door automatic doors and small side has no fixed page overlap ( 6) Arc gate: separable segment, half round, full circle, can the belt portal page, page can also have no fixed door, arc degree can be set according to the specific case design, application is very flexible, you can also apply different radians, constructs the beautiful changing the geometry of the body, therefore, the use of Caesar arc door will more and more widely. 2, according to the hydrodynamic material points: is there a safety glass, stainless steel finishes, construction aluminum profile, color coating steel, wood, etc. , and other materials can be applied. With its common types of glass automatic door glass automatic door, stainless steel frame and aluminum alloy box ( Wrot or fluorocarbon paint) Glass automatic door. 3, according to the structure characteristics of the door, automatic door main points and nine categories, namely, automatic revolving door, automatic door of circular arc form, smooth automatic doors, flat open automatic doors, automatic doors, telescopic automatic door folded, scroll automatic doors, automatic doors and the car stop automatically. 4, according to use classification, automatic door main points and five categories, namely civil automatic doors, commercial automatic doors, automatic doors, garage with industrial automatic doors and courtyard automatic door.
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