To summarize the fast door motionless for several reasons

by:Hongfa     2020-07-04
Rapid door means operations per second rate more than 0. 6 meters of the door, is rapidly without barrier of elevator door, and its light industries industrial workshop area protection and its all need to be quick in and out of the ground underneath is door did not move quickly because of eight 1, overtemperature maintenance is invalid, changing a overload protector. Stick 2, braking system, manual transmission chain drive two turns. 3, continuous operation time is too long, hot maintenance break. The motor temperature reduced to 4, bridge rectifier bad or magnet coil, jam brake system. Changing a bridge rectifier or magnet coil. 5, travel switch normally closed contacts blockage, fine polishing or changing a travel switch contact point. 6, run capacitors have destroyed single-phase electric shutter electric, changing a running capacitor. 7, cable short circuit, the search access to the cable. 8, automobile relay electromagnetic coil bad or air oxidation, dirt. Changing a car relay or fine polishing the contact point. Electronic control system for electric shutter connection common problem: 1, when the automatic control system must be open, connection, maintenance or inspection at that time, the main power supply circuit switching power supply must be disconnected. 2, after the main disconnect switch power supply, automatic control system in 5 minutes and electric induction, internal capacitor there will be a delay time to save electricity. 3, due to being electricity will flow, touch the electronic components are strictly prohibited during this time, in case of unexpected events. 4, after wiring, and for the first time in carrying out work at that time, it is important to the control cabinet of the connection and motor to carry out the detailed inspection. Especially in motor parts for connecting properly, otherwise will lead to can't repair the damage to frequency converter. 5, all from the manipulation of switch power supply to the automatic control system of switch power supply insulation must be good, strongly recommend application testing instrument of more than 230 v cable sheath surveillance of switch power supply. 6, according to the EMC command, electrical cable can be used with cable, blocking layer on both sides of the block must be in the grounding device, it can't have everything working voltage blocking layer. 7, high speed doors due to being told that fitness and friction among the door curtain, in the whole process of friction will contain a lot of electrostatic induction, if not immediately released, will be back also damaged manipulation module, so you must do electrostatic induction on safeguard measures.
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