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The Roller Shutter may be operated by hand or through an electric motor. The automatic Roller Shutter can be either controlled via a panel next to the door or via a remote control which can make a real effectiveness difference when thinking about a busy warehouse or business unit.

Ease of Use.

The manner in which the Roller Door operates furthermore improves its ease of use as the shutter operates on a vertical plain and doesn't have to open inwards or outwards in the traditional style of a warehouse door. A roller shutter rolls up into its recess. This means that transport vans and lorries can attain easy access right in to the transport loading area to disgorge its goods or to be loaded ready for dispatch of the company products. As soon as the vehicle has departed, the Roller Shutter can be closed for either security or to retain the environment of the business unit stable.


Made from top quality galvanized steel and Interlocking flat face strips, security rolling shutters offer an excellent defense from unwanted illegal access thereby protecting business premises as well as the goods and machinery inside. An improvement to the conventional Security Shutter is the Fire Door. This has fire retention techniques that can provide as much as four hours fire protection which can be normally sufficient for suitable action to be taken to protect the business. It may be a surprise to many people that every year many thousands of enterprises are damaged by fire and that 40% of these enterprises are never re-established.

Insulated Roller Shutter.

Normally these are custom built to a businesses specification and differ from conventional Roller Shutters in that the shutter lathes (or shutter strips) are individually insulated. These can then present an increased U-value (insulation value) to that stipulated by standard building regulations. Previously, Insulated Rolling shutter doors have been extremely popular for particular cold storage buildings that call for a consistent temperature controlled environment.

Quick Roller Shutters.

When access to and from business buildings has to be quick but secure, a Rapid Roll Shutter is an ever increasing method of ensuring it is possible to retain the integrity of the premises whilst getting in and out with the the bare minimum of delay. Created from a durable, hard wearing but easy to maintain substance covered with plastic (available in all shades of British Standard) it's quick movement means that the High speed Roll Door can be closed and opened very quickly (with rates of 1-2 m/sec) thus maintaining the integrity of the environment whilst giving maximum access.

Variety of Finishes.

All colours are readily available from the British Standard Colour Chart but when needed blended colours are available to keep with company colour schemes.

Roller Shutters are strong and are in a position to withstand high frequency use and unfavorable weather conditions.

In comparison to other door designs to choose from on the market, rolling shutters are in the medium price tag range with the advantage that they necessitate the bare minimum of ongoing maintenance.

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