These days, automatic sliding doors are high in

by:Hongfa     2020-09-22

However, their design varies a lot. Some are slide open, others have such kinds of panels which fold when people enter or exit, while some swing in or out just like the conventional ones. Actually they are well equipped with motion sensor which detects the motion of the people when they come close towards them. Furthermore, the sensitivity of the sensor can easily be adjusted as needed. The best thing about such doors is that if a button is being used in order to activate it, the button in maximum cases lies low to the ground so that it can easily be accessed by a wheelchair person also.

They require electricity in order to operate as electricity drives the motor which further opens the door. Moreover, some of the leading manufactures in India design them with manual override so that when the situation of mechanical problem or power failure arises, these doors can still be opened. They are thoughtfully designed in such a manner that whenever there is an obstacle in the doorway, they will not close until and unless the person or something walked out from the middle of their path. Hence, it shows that these doors are safe in a variety of situations.

More to the point, in scientific labs and hospitals they are widely used in order to secure an area by ensuring that the doors are shut at all times, while lowering the chances of cross contamination since people don't require to handle the doors in order to pass through them. Keeping this thing in consideration automatic sliding door manufacture in India designs these doors for Emergency Rooms, Operating Rooms and for various other medical facilities. Furthermore, these automatic sliding doors are also widely used in warehouses and other facilities where usually people have their hands full hence, they contribute towards the safety as well efficiency and make easier for people in order to get around.

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