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by:Hongfa     2020-09-06

Many accidents are caused by people tampering with springs, children playing with remote control devices, and the age of the garage door. In terms of garage door maintenance tenets, there are only two major ones. Don't interfere with springs, and start repairs as soon as possible.

These springs come in two categories. There are extension springs that stretch to buffer closing doors and contract to help open them. Coiled springs that hold up the mass of the door are called torsion springs.

A precarious situation is created when one tries to alter either type of spring. It is chancy to attempt to install torsion springs, especially when one does not have prior experience with the special tool needed to mount them. It would be such a hassle to attempt to increase tension on the springs using a substitute tool, not to mention the futility of the attempt.

Another factor overlooked by the homeowner is that adjusting the spring bracket on the garage frame can be hazardous because it, too, is under tension. According to the second rule, homeowners should never hold up repairs. Call in a professional, because repairs should not be attempted alone.

The family and the budget are both jeopardized with flawed installation of the doors. This can be done by measuring the length of time the door takes to reverse when it hits the object. The collision and bounce back should occur within two seconds.

When the door does not behave as expected, look for problems like worn tracks and broken springs. The track should not be twisted or movable at the point of attachment to the garage, and all rollers should revolve freely. Wheels that catch may need grease on their bearings.

Rollers, springs, hardware pivot points and openers should always be lubricated. Doors, not hardware, need a regular paint job to protect from exposure. The purpose of the hardware is to enable movement, and this is thwarted by paint.

Adults need to make sure that triggering devices for automatic door openers are put somewhere children cannot access them. Garage buttons should likewise be installed somewhere inaccessible to children. A long, safe life awaits you and your door if you follow the suggested.

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