The troubleshooting and maintenance method of inductive industrial door

by:Hongfa     2020-07-03
Though the traditional ways of industry promoted the door is replaced by fast door and other modern products, market share in the gradually shrinking trend, but there are still a lot of promotion door is still in use. Therefore, topic summarized about industry promoted the door also is very be necessary. Idle time, but it said anyway. According to the small make up normal accumulation, will be industry door problems summarized as follows: 1, the door a body tilt, lead to promote difficult. Can cause one: no mediation in the installation process good degree Angle, or because the ground is not level, cause body tilt condition before operation. The solution: just using high accuracy instrument for measuring degree Angle, such as infrared level feet ( Looks very like yellow creature, lovely) 。 Can cause 2: door body on both sides of the elastic rope level disambiguation of dispute, both sides stress is not average, cause body tilt. The solution: the calibration wire rope length, guaranteeing force on average, two wire rope swings promoted. 2 on the rise, the hydrodynamic process difficulty in promotion. Can cause a: the motor power is not satisfied with the requirement, a small cart. The solution: don't say anything, just one word: change! Can cause 2: door body on both sides of the track intervals vary, leading to a side door and track attacks cut, form a larger friction, promote difficult. The solution: the overall translational body, make its in a middle position. Can cause three: industrial door by the force of the torsional spring balance system is insufficient, can not be promoted to help motor body results. The solution: open torsional spring screw, increasing torsional spring force. 3, the industrial door landing difficulties arise. Twist spring too much can cause: balance system, which causes large door body resistance in landing process. The solution: proper low torsional spring promotion strength. In addition to the above list of some of the more distinctive subject, door plank of door of industry also appears a knob is shattered, deformation, the status of the idler pulley is shattered. Only according to the actual situation given corresponding disposal.
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