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by:Hongfa     2020-09-14

A reputable warehouse shelving firm will assess you business and working practises taking into account your available space, the physical and chemical breakdown of the products that will be stored within your warehouse, any unusual features inside your premises, handling and moving procedures, average storage time, stock control and inventory management. After this has been done the engineers and designers will draw up a warehouse shelving blueprint.

Most heavy duty warehousing products are stored with ladder type cable trays, these are extremely strong and offer very high capacity. The ease of the maintenance and cleaning of this system gives it a huge advantage over some over warehouse shelving systems. They are more often than not made form steel or aluminium and adhere to strict health & safety specifications.

These type of storage systems can be dismantled and re-assembled with relative ease and are designed and produced in various different sizes and styles tailored for each specific operation. They are engineered and built with top quality source materials and are available from a host of reputable manufacturers from all around the world. These storage solutions can be utilised by a whole range of different industries trading in the commercial arena.

Another popular form of warehouse shelving for heavy merchandise is pallet racking. When installing a pallet racking storage solution you will have to take in the following considerations. How floor space have you got available after factoring in the space required by the machines (usually forklift trucks) that you will be using to access the racking bearing in mind that most racking systems are drive-in and drive-out operations. Is there enough floor to roof space to allow for an adequate pallet racking system. Do the items you are storing lend themselves favourably to this method of storage?

Pallet racking can provide a practical and efficient solution to the stacking and storing of your manufactured product and can be a cost effective and easily assembled answer to your warehouse shelving requirements. Again, the companies that produce this type of storage system work to strict health and safety rules that ensure the safety of the user as well as offering a guarantees and on-going maintenance.

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