The service life of medical clean door probably how long?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-31
Overall performance is good, clean the door products have beautiful appearance, smooth, high strength, corrosion no dust, no dust, the advantages of easy to clean, and installation is convenient, fast, practical new type of frame width adjustable, sealed well. For medical clean door the service life of concern to everyone, generally clean door from manufacturing to the factory, the material of the product itself is very durable, generally 10 to life For 20 years. Actually clean the door of life is not a standard, customers to use, there may be different, but on the material itself, as well as the general situation is within 10 - Twenty years in this range. So pay attention to the using and maintenance of medical clean door at ordinary times, can reduce the life of the biggest loss, do not too much is not used correctly. Hongfa industry production of clean door can be widely used in pharmaceutical, electronics, food, packaging and other industries and has the area of high cleanliness, accord with the requirement of pharmaceutical production management norms. If you need, welcome to inquire.
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