The pros and cons of shutter door quickly control mode

by:Hongfa     2020-07-21
Today, automatic shutter has been around for most of the manufacturers, industrial production and industrial door open way has a lot of, can according to customer's practice needs to choose suitable for fast door control mode. 1, optical induction control optical induction open for big car driving, staff access door. When the people, the car after equipped with optical induction area, manipulation of the magnetic induction power supply circuit will accept rooted in induction of optical data signals and command automatic doors open. Advantage: when refers to the manipulation of the rocker in the positive direction, don't need to staff the actual operation, industrial door will all positive open and closed. Disadvantages: produces the staff after, but industrial slippery rise wrongly and open close personal behavior. 2, induction coil control to open magnetic ring for the car or other machinery, equipment, staff shuttle out car door metal material access door. Advantages: when the control box control rocker with positive shift direction, only to metal materials wedges in geomagnetic electromagnetic induction coil area after period, industrial production up door can open actively. Attention to the circular induction switch dexterity can independently regulate the compressive strength. Weakness: the staff not with metal material content block after induction coil area when it is not easy to open the door. When the manipulation of the rocker manual direction induction coil failure, at this time if the actual operating button, pull switch operation such as opening and closing of the door. 3, radar control radar to detect an open way suitable to frequented electric forklifts, and other access door to drive the car and its staff. Advantage: full active open and closed, don't need to staff the actual operation into the radar detection induction area, industry will actively open the door. Disadvantages: just want to move animals after radar induction area, industrial slippery rise will open the door ( Refers to the manipulation of the rocker in the positive block) , when the manipulation of the rocker arm in the direction of manual radar to detect magnetic induction failure, at this time if the actual operating button, pull switches and other practical industrial door open and close.
Collectively, the effect of industrial door services on industrial society has been to eliminate high performance door solutions and drastically reduce the time long associated with high performance door solutions.
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