The processing means of quick PVC door remote control no reaction

by:Hongfa     2020-07-25
PVC doors in the condition of the application in the whole process of rapid door remote control ineffective solution: 1, the query of PVC doors power master switch is turned off, if turned off, turn on switch power supply system; 2, there will be a controller of the rechargeable battery without electricity, most of the automatic door remote control battery is full of 23 a12v rechargeable batteries, most small pavement can choose; Button 3, check the controller is damaged or leaking, sometimes controller in the long-term process, do not pay attention to have been broken or leaking, win a few words, have to be moved around the new controller; 4, check the PVC book door of junction box plus or minus is installed properly; 5, PVC shutter controller spacing far away or peripheral data signal interference signal; 6, if the PVC doors sound electric nose has fitness, but didn't move, will be electric locomotive with dirt, dead card PVC doors, eliminate dirt can; 7, electricity PVC doors if connect power, electric nose no connect power status, will be the connection line short circuit, must search for short circuit, connected to the plug again. Rapid door reverse direction to solve the problem: 1, if the mount radar detection, please make sure the vibration of the gate at the time that the operation without causing radar to detect position; 2, if the mount controller control, please make sure the remote control signal receiver is not affected by other unknown data signals and posture, if there is such a thing, must write code to receiver again; 3, determine the bottom of the maintenance of optical signal transmitter and receiver in line and install a solid; 4, determine the bottom of the maintenance of optical detection sensitivity is to adjust the appropriate; 5, determine the door turn off at that time no wedges can meet the clip in the lower end of the wireless network equipment ( At the bottom) ; 6, to determine the role of door curtain at the bottom of the wireless security clip proofing devices all normal; 7, determine the curtain at the bottom of the wireless security prevention of wiring in the clamp device is proper and not loose; 8, determine the coiled controller at the time that the door turn off has not been excited; 9, check the error code of the system software, on the basis of error codes to distinguish problem belongs to.
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