The price of the fast shutter is how to calculate

by:Hongfa     2020-07-20
Rapid rolling door is the modern enterprise production shall be no less equipment, according to the size of the door, the user's requirements, the equipment also have difference, there exist great differences in price, a lot of users will ask, why is the door of the same size, the price why is there a big difference, begin to understand the fast door equipment requirements, generally cover 15 items, the hydrodynamic structure, driving gear, electric control system, opening and closing speed, safety devices, door curtain, welding, the perspective window, sealed, as a result, the wind resistance control method, limit switch, the power equipment, fault repair function, shelf life. This is the a lot of items in the tense aspect of its price. Some fast door manufacturer price according to the uniform price within a certain square number, second influence whether the price include transportation, installation, whether tax and some special requirements of party a. Fast door is quick lifting of cut off the door without obstruction, main purpose is thermal insulation, moisture, dust, insects, sound insulation, etc. , make workshop, parking lot keep constant temperature, and humidity, clean. So it also affects the function of high and low price. And on the basis of the difference of fast door equipment, the difference of function of high and low, have formed the price gap. So when the choose and buy, please inform us your detailed requirements, we will be tailored for you the most appropriate your PVC fast shutter.
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