The Opening or Entrance of the building is the

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->Comfort of the users to enter and exit the building

->Frequency of use of the building

->Understand the nature of users (gender, individual physical abilities, age etc.)

->Safety of men and material inside and in the outskirts of the building

->Security of men, material, building structure and its assets

->Easy to exit during an emergency such as fire, earthquake etc.

An ideal opening/closing system should take into consideration all of the above points which are of prime importance.

Definition of Automatic door system:

A power-operated door used to open or close off an entrance, when a person or vehicle approaches, which usually swings or slides or rotates. Heron of Alexandria - Egypt, also called as 'Hero' (originally a Greek inventor), invented the concept of Automatic door opening system about 2000years ago, but several of his books and inventions were lost by the human civilization. Thereafter, it was Dee Horton and Lew Hewitt who invented the sliding automatic door of modern era in the year 1954.

Why Automatic Door:

Automatic doors provide safe, secure and yet, convenient entry/exit access for everyone unlike the manually operated doors and hence is ideally suited for Smart Buildings.Automatic door system are primarily categorized into three basic types:

->Automatic Linear Sliding door system

->Automatic Swing door system

->Revolving door system

In addition to these, there are other special variants of Automatic door system, viz.,

->Sliding-Folding systems

->Curved sliding system

->Telescopic sliding system

->Inclined sliding system

->Prismatic sliding system

->Breakout sliding system

->Burglary resistance system

->Hermetically sealed sliding/swing door system

Automatic Door Systems can be operated in various models viz.,

->Full Energy - It opens and closes the door at regular speed and these kind of operators are meant for regular use.

->Low Energy - It opens and closes the door at reduced speed to limit the kinetic energy of the moving door to levels that are deemed safe for specially able users.

->Power Assist (also called as Servomatic/Servo/Semi-Automatic) - This is another version of the low-energy operator. It doesn't open the door; instead, it lets the user open the door manually at a reduced force, compared to opening against a standard door closer. It closes the door with the same speed limitations as a low-energy operator.

The Automatic door system, irrespective of its type (sliding or swing or special applications), may use various safety accessories to prevent the door from coming into contact with the user.

In physical security, the term access control refers to the practice of restricting entrance to a property, a building, or a room to authorized persons. The Automatic operator does not only open and close the doors automatically, but also, performs additional functions such as that of secured and access controlled entry that can be achieved both in perimeter as well as access restrictions within the building premises.

Security can be achieved using discretionary access control (or) mandatory access control (or) role-based access control.

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