The modern ranges of garage doors and security

by:Hongfa     2020-09-05

There is such a wide variety of materials and styles to choose from that it can seem quite daunting to start to think about choosing. The most commonly installed are steel garage doors. Their main advantages are that they are relatively lower cost, easy to maintain and even in their simplicity there are still many designs to choose from. They do not require painting although of course they can be, and they are durable.

Wooden doors are still available although not now as common with the growing popularity of vinyl and composite garage doors. Wooden doors cost slightly more than steel and they need to be steadily painted or stained to prevent water damage but as long as they are looked after they do look good. An additional advantage is the insulation properties that wood has over steel - as most garages share a wall with the home you must consider that a well insulated garage door can contribute to saving on heating costs.

As previously mentioned, there are also the vinyl and composite garage doors available. These are becoming more common, vinyl because it does not rust and is less susceptible to dents and scratches than steel doors. You can expect to pay considerably more for vinyl garage doors because of this but can be a sound investment if your budget can stretch that far. They are similar in look to steel doors and often have similar insulation options. Composite doors are typically made from recycled wood and are a popular environmentally friendly choice. Like wood, they can be painted or stained.

In the interest of security and safety for businesses there are also a wide range of roller shutters, industrial fire shutters and security shutters available, from commercial window and entrance shutters to large industrial roller shutters designed for high levels of usage. Commercial window shutters can also be installed with motorised operation and can be perforated or even be included with a see through section if required. A survey and quote from a reputable supplier gives you the opportunity to discuss your individual requirements and examine your options.

In addition to aesthetics and insulation, garage doors need to be secure. Your garage door is just like any other entry point to your home and needs to be similarly protected. Sound locking mechanisms are a must have, and many firms offer electronic devices, mechanical garage doors and even gate automation with built in security.

When considering a supplier you may favour one which offers garage door repairs, service and maintenance in addition to installation. Additional peace of mind can be found with a company that offers follow up services and it is generally better to use the same service provider for both installation and repair as they will undoubtedly have a greater knowledge and understanding of the product you have purchased.

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