The introduction of high speed cold storage refrigerator door

by:Hongfa     2020-07-12
Cold day electronics & reg; Fast door is designed for cold storage freezer, isolation, regulatory, omar areas, especially in the pharmaceutical, food, chemical and industrial ColdSaver® High-speed rolling door is designed to reduce your energy consumption, hot insulation helps to minimize loss of temperature and speed up the process. From now on, through the special filling material of XPS guarantee better insulation, heat insulation performance is improved, the door provides exceptional horizontal and vertical sealing. System is still in the side rail is also equipped with heater, to eliminate the humidity problem, this is the main problem in the traditional door. Cold day electronics & reg; Door is free maintenance, have strong design, safety and durability is our standard of advanced features. Shipyarddoor® Team designed cold section electrical & reg; High-speed shutter save you time and money, because carlos & middot; Slim said profits from productivity, efficiency and management, fiscal austerity, and management business. Login shipyard gate house about + product support contact fast door fast speed fast door is also known as the fabric, is used to manage the high traffic areas and insulation problems. Door system at high speed, the use of lightweight structures manufacturing. Rapid door can be used for indoor and outdoor applications, also can be used in all industrial complex. Shipyarddoor® Rapid door solution development the special requirements of customers. We have high speed roll up ( Internal application) Folding ( Outside of the application) Cold package & reg; Cold storage doors, ATEX door, we also have customers flexibility, customized solutions. Shipyarddoor® Team's goal is to do the best of things, we took a special effort to provide reliable and high quality products to our customers, as John & middot; Ruskin said, the quality is by no means accidental. It always is the result of intelligent effort. Shutter speed rolling door is customized for internal customers logistics and industrial activity. Rapid rolling door to reduce the energy consumption of the factory is smooth traffic fold door high-speed folding door is the best solution for external application, provide the structure of the heat insulation can also adjust the forklift and personal transportation. It has the wind resistance and improve the sealing performance of hybrid & reg; Rigid mixed hybrid rigid door door is a new generation of fast door. It is a combination of fast and safe operating of door system. High-speed mixing door can be used for indoor and outdoor areas, need cold wind resistance and safety of refrigerator door the door series saver & reg; High-speed cold rolling door, refrigerated or designated warehouse, its extreme insulation performance and fast operation to reduce energy consumption, save you time and money
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