The history of the fast shutter and gossip

by:Hongfa     2020-07-10
Healthy, benign development of the fast door industry is one of the focuses of the many doors are constantly nervous topic, our history and conduct joint rapid door industry history and industry are further discussed. ( A) Fast door industry history in our country history is not long, the fast door industry early domestic fast with the door is not prosperous, demand is not high also, along with the development of market of enterprise workshop production situation also requires more and more high, the domestic enterprises pay attention to the level of rapid door have really set up. But the domestic correlation matching quickly brother zi chan and not cooked, then at the end of 90, in the western world and Japan and other countries and regions of rapid brother zi chan manufacturers began to enter the Chinese market, the rapid rolling door, quick promotion door, european-style shutter, fast door seal, etc in the high-end fast door products introduced to China, it was also during this period some of the domestic industry inside and outside the industry to see business opportunities, start by acting WaiYang door products to preempt the market quickly, with the passage of time, some of the domestic enterprises began to master the skill from analog to the model to carry on the independent research and development, it is now the domestic rapid door independent brand market form of flowers. 吗? ( 2) Fast door varieties now, along with the continuous renewal of product WaiYang fast door, close to the market demand in China and the domestic rapid door enterprise independent research and development strength increasing, now the domestic rapid door market mainly include: fast shutter, wind book door, european-style shutter and other products, these products not satisfied the workshop of a modern enterprise effective balance of payments and the demand of the logistics operation.
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