The fast shutter door curtain color should be how to choose

by:Hongfa     2020-07-20
In general, is not the same color fast shutter door curtain means that different role. So, how should we choose the fast shutter door curtain color? 1, general type fast door general type fast shutter door curtain color mostly dark blue transparent. Dark blue PVC door curtain color is more conspicuous, driving staff in far area can be seen that the other transparent window can be convenient electric forklift staff to check the status of the steel. In addition, blue stands for clean, simple, give a person a kind of think looks clean and comfortable office environment, it is most of the factory USES the color. Type 2, moth-proofing door this rapid most rapidly in food companies, beverage factory, this kind of environment regulations on hygienic cleaning high processing factory production workshop, the door curtain color, can choose yellow transparent PVC door curtain, this is very easy to attract due to food beverage factory live worms, and yellow curtain is unique microwave can release a yellow, make worms action is slow, has come near yellow curtain, ensures that the food beverage factory clean clean the rules of the natural environment. 3, proposed special fast door for proposed, this site gives a person a kind of shade, cold feel, in order to close this feel, can choose light blue transparent, or milky white transparent fast door curtain. Because the color usually is full of blue sky, the color of snow and ice, deep sea all, selected they will let staff receive, the more strong and won't look stiff. 4, antistatic fast door antistatic fast shutter general application in the banning of electrostatic induction hardware factory, spare parts factory sites such as the production workshop of the gate, then select PVC door curtain, transparent, transparent grid pattern, a film, film of the grid pattern, color such as yellow, yellow grid pattern are available.
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