The fast door curtain will deformation under the high temperature in summer

by:Hongfa     2020-07-17
Fast door curtain is blue, yellow, red, orange, white, grey, transparent, and so on a variety of bright colors, and used for a long time is more flexible and glossy. Rapid door curtain and good scratch-resistant resistance and ductility. Many clients worry, in the fiery summer how fast door curtain to bear ability? Will not affect the normal use? In fact, these fears were all for naught. You have to know the PVC clip except for the production of fast door screen cloth, a lot of outdoor awnings, outdoor children's trampoline and water entertainment facilities, all of these are under the sun of the sun, have you seen the deformation? If to analyze the structure of fabric, you will find it is between the high density polyester forgot, flanked by resin coating, a hardy, the advantage of high temperature resistance. One more thing, the position of the general configuration fast door, won't have too much direct sunlight. Therefore, you need not worry completely fast door curtain deformation because of the high temperature. Hongfa industry focus on fast door and rapid rolling door design, production and installation, etc. , provide one-stop solution for the customer, if you want to install fast door, welcome to contact us.
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