The difference between the shutter and rapid accumulation door quickly

by:Hongfa     2020-07-18
Fast shutter door and rapid accumulation is two big features, they are both at the same time automatic opening and closing, quick lifting, heat preservation dustproof, the advantage of saving energy and reducing consumption, and the exterior styling, performance characteristics similar to the user when the choice be reluctant. So fast shutter and fast door door them exactly what the difference? Below, hongfa industry will angles for you uncover the differences between them. Accumulated from the appearance, sun back door is the wind resistance of steel with in cord fabric, with hangings, rapid rolling door is the use of aluminum alloy and PVC slice as wind resistance reinforcement, wind resistance reinforcement outside the curtain. The way of ascension, the industrial accumulation revolving door on cylinder axis, suspenders vertical curtain, curtain formed overlapping accumulation effect; Rapid rolling door with door shaft rotation achieve shutter upgrade directly, without straps. Wind resistance is also rapid accumulation is the difference between the door and rapid rolling door, rapid accumulation door for wind resistance reinforcement quantity is more, the wind resistance is stronger, is available in FengKouChu or outdoor installation. Fast shutter wind effect is poorer, more suitable for indoor use, mostly used in industrial production workshop. Hongfa the rapid accumulation of doors and PVC fast shutter door production also there are different in speed, stacking door open speed are zero. 4 m/s, PVC fast shutter open speed is zero. 6 - 1 m/s, according to user requirements, speed adjustment can be performed.
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