The difference between the fast shutter and ordinary shutter

by:Hongfa     2020-07-18
Rapid classification can be divided into ordinary fast shutter door, piled up high speed door and garage door and explanation is proposed in this paper the fast shutter, this kind of product with the advantages of traditional book door of the old one in many, then to analyze the fast shutter several big advantage gradually, it is easy to understand why it in today's industry workshop channel has so much high cover rate. Begin to fast shutter function strong: according to the ordinary shutter has more function, opening and closing speed is fast, reliable and durable, quick opening and closing fast by people or car, forklift, progress homework submission. Moreover accepted is imported high-density fabric, curtain weight is light, and safety. Secondly can effectively prevent the loss of cooling, high speed open/close to 70% Saving the 90% level of insulation, a certain level of motivation. If be food, fine electronic machine, etc have very high request for 4 s shop, fast shutter can effectively dust, otherwise prevent mosquito is also a feature, make clean workshop, rapid rolling door is a great tool. Based on the above, the advantages of rapid rolling door in ordinary shutter is more significant, this is also where it costs.
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