The composition of fast shutter explain science

by:Hongfa     2020-07-11
With fast shutter to occupy market share rising, the high cost performance products also began to gradually understand by vast customers. Rapid soft door curtain can be satisfied with high functional logistics and clean workshop etc, and have heat preservation, moisture, dust, wind, sound insulation, prevent the unique function such as peculiar smell. The small make up for the product of our creations, from top to bottom will be PVC soft curtain door structure for your listed one by one: part 1, door cover box: fast, the main drive equipment of soft curtain door installed just insurance above the door. Box is made from 2 mm thick steel plate, and the two parts due to with the installation of bearings, motor and balance system components of the base plate and the mounting holes, so need to apply to 6 mm thickness steel plate manufacturing. Part 2, curtain rail: door body orbit was made by 2 mm thick steel plate, coaxing) bolt and home-made L solid Angle; Between the ground about 1 in orbit. 2 m height, install infrared correlation smashing device, make the door can be blocked rebound and the smashing results; Track installation of sealing the side hair brush, the results of the dust, insulation and sealing. For whole regards, general situation, orbit and box color will be consistent. Qiqihar indoor rapid rolling door manufacturer wholesale order 3, PVC curtain parts: main body fabric will offer a segmented manufacturing method, every segment height is about 600 mm or so, paragraphs fabric through a special aluminum alloy wind resistance as a whole fabric reinforced connection. Use of France and curtain, thickness of 1. 2 mm, with the advantages of the high strength, antifreeze, elegant and durable. Most rapid rolling door also has a bright PVC material to make transparent Windows, examined the door on both sides of the body always condition is easy to use, to reduce the probability of any matters attack. And will be installed in the bottom of the curtain aluminum sill, soft bag and collision, protection of curtain itself. 4, power plant, indirectly by gear motor drive shaft rotation, realize soft curtain door open. Accordance with the requirements of customers about the promotion rate, can choose different rate ratio of the reducer. Control system to accept fast door dedicated frequency conversion control, buffer effect in open and closed door process, upper and lower limit, can make the cord in place since the stop. 5, the control system: PVC soft curtain fast door is equipped with electric control box, general can be divided into two forms, active/manual. Other can according to customer demand matching microwave radar manipulation and geomagnetic had the initiative to open the door and other functions, practical strong, high cost performance!
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