The characteristics of simple instructions fast shutter

by:Hongfa     2020-08-01
Widely used in textile, chemical, food, electronics, printing, cold storage, supermarket, machinery, logistics, warehousing and other occasions of flexible door quickly, with throttling power, progress as a result, the indoor air conditioning high speed closed, progress obey strengths such as homework. With heat preservation, cold, dust, insects, fire prevention, prevent bad breath, lighting and other special functions. Rapid door features: 1, compact structure, framework, Rail door cover) Acceptance of international registrations are made of galvanized steel plate, three layers of fluorocarbon paint surface disposal, color diversity, can according to your request color. Effective throttle space size (2, Especially in the height direction) 。 Only 800 - above the mouth of the cave The interval of 1200 mm. 3, since the support cover body will all drive mechanism combined into an organic whole, make the door is easy to install on the right side box. 4, the hydrodynamic design is elegant, colour is gorgeous, and acceptance of double flaps, every 50 cm to add wind rib, can open the perspective window, shapes and sizes according to customer's requirement. rb - 03. Jpg5, reliable way to model the counterweight balance system with the consolidation of minimum tension make the motor work load. Counterweight balance block to avoid any body at the door suddenly fall. 6, control and drive system high school low-grade, using occasion difference, selection is also different, explosion-proof, fluctuations in line, ordinary type.
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