The cause of the rapid rolling door motor failure

by:Hongfa     2020-07-19
In before introduced Lu Sheng fast door manufacturer ever for you to summarize accumulation rapid door in use process will appear more see trouble and maintenance treatment method, which contains many different to chaos. Some readers see here may ask: what! Accumulation is fast door should have so many troubles title used? ! About this question, small make up of the answer is: Absolutely yes! 但不会太可怕了! View to the point that we begin to demand, no matter how advanced product, its quality is not able to be fully guaranteeing, are there are large and small to sexual problems, otherwise after the industry can only go for the west wind. Especially in the accessories, spare parts more modern industry product, constitute the structure of the chaos, the more topic will not predict. But, but, you have to believe I will not become the firm who will be encountered at the same time all subject egg son & throughout; 。 So, don't have to be afraid. So much good, wordy, anyway, the following words on the day of small make up want from accumulation rapid door motor, share shenyang gathered the door this eventuality of center drive will appear. Can certain is that whether it is a fast door still gathered door products, once the motor itself appeared uncomfortable conditions, the use of the whole body will be suspended immediately! Then title: motor, after all, what would happen? Can also will not be able to save? Below small make up to list one by one to you: 1, motor sputtering, door a body without a response. Appear this kind of situation, the cause of the topic Outlines can be divided into three kinds, and more extreme. Can cause a: motor reimbursement, no longer need to heal, a new! Don't ask me how it formed, some topic is a bug, launch if you look at the motor by external shocks, etc. Can cause 2: motor oil condensation, lead to motor can't work. This topic often out of winter in the northern region, now want to know, the motor is cold. Know the subject location, and the processing method also has, to the motor to warm, let it restart. Replace the oil quality antifreeze, maybe be super antifreeze oh! Can reason 3: motor brake piece of short circuit, commonly known as the motor burned & throughout; 。 Can appear this kind of situation is due to the brake block itself there are quality problems, or motor was caught in the rain outside, inside water permeability to motor, cause a short-circuit. And more convenient to handle, and change the brake block with respect to OK!
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