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by:Hongfa     2020-07-21
How to install the door quickly? Easy to install? Rapid door into the domestic short decades, but be recognised by a lot of companies, mixed start the installation apply, but in some remote areas need staff on-site installation, will happen a lot of measurements, some customers will choose himself to save the capability of installation. So, how to install the door quickly? To install? Below small make up to answer this topic for you. Rapid door installation method is rapid door is composed of multiple components, include power function of the motor, the control system of electric box, door curtain, lit Windows, etc. Fast door quality besides body parts now itself quality, also body now the installation. Installation of high quality, fast door operation can be more durable, more stable, using the process that can be removed from a lot of don't need to bother. Installation staff must be familiar with fast door installation drawings before installation, check the fast door line can reach the designated position, and do other installation ready, everything needs to use parts, things, etc. Before the installation must also inspection door size and the hole size can meet; The number of the guide bracket can accurately; The mouth of the cave embedded parts, bracket and built-in position can be accurately and so on. Process can be divided into: the mouth of the cave disposal, elastic line, drum gear, no-load test, shade plate, guide installation, commissioning, liquidation. The mouth of the cave disposal: review the mouth of the cave and product size can conform to the ordinary hole width and height should not be greater than 5 m, check position and number of embedded parts. Elastic line: measurement of elevation of the mouth of the cave, two guide rail vertical pop-up and drum * 12 * line. Rapid door installation refer to the incident when the hole wall of concrete shall be buried in the mouth of the cave embedded parts, and then with guide rail, bearing frame welding interface; When the hole wall is brick masonry, tolerated hole bury expansion anchor bolt, connecting with the guide rail, bearing frame. Guide when installation should look to first straight, condole is, slot size should be accurate, consistent from top to bottom, corresponding to the slot should be on a plane, and then used to connect with embedded parts welded inside the hole. Installation to reel should be looking for good measure, and keep the drum shaft position, pay attention to and the gap between the guide rail shall be at both ends, temporary strong check out line. And mediation, correction is required, and correct and stent embedded parts with again after welding the weld. Install the locks. There are two kinds of lock installation position, the light shutter doors and Windows lock should be installed on this board, door locks can be installed in the distance to 1 m. The above is introduced about how to install the door quickly, if there any questions can contact our online customer service
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