Sliding door maintenance | slide litres door repair of daily maintenance of motor

by:Hongfa     2020-07-22
About the slippery rise door industrial maintenance and maintenance must pay attention to the problem of the ordinary motor: it is forbidden to maul, such as loose there must be specified according to knock and stationary, be sure to manipulate good strength, prevent motor by tapping internal parts appear problem; On time conversion motor grease, motor after long-term use, grease inside the car's tank is bound to appear air pollutants, if do not regular maintenance conversion, may cause slippery rise industrial door often appear in the operation of the whole process of vibration and noise, and even can't work; The part of the electrical installation, as far as possible to maintain dry, natural ventilation not in cold dark place, in case the motor inside electronic components are in the gas water erosion, appear ZouDian safety accident, damage to the personal safety and safely money also must be on the surface of the dust on the motor to carry out the removal, prevent the dust into the inside motor, resulting in failure of common; Slippery rise door motor don't have to be on the part of the strong sunlight exposure, because most of the slippery rise door motor casing material such as stainless steel plate, ageing resistance characteristic is weak, very easy to damage; Regular maintenance slippery rise door motor parts are intact, if have damaged, you must shut off the power to carry out the conversion maintenance. Industrial slippery rise problems and solution 1, cable damage, cause and solution: cable relaxation; In order to prevent the situation more evil change, please in front of the drum shaft skeined conversion cables; 2, the door fell, the reason and solution: spring is damaged; Install ballistic spring damage equipment, according to the maintenance of records, the replace the spring before the spring with larger frequency; 3, the slippery rise gate cache ductility is not very good, the reason and solution: the gasket damage; Changing a damaged gaskets; 4, door frame will clip to the fingers, the reason and solution: the door of the slippery rise door frame folding installation is wrong; According to the standard installation instructions again; 5, casing maintenance is very easy to fall, the reason and solution: when installation, not derailed for cases do well the maintenance; Choose suitable for the maintenance of the casing is fixed bracket, before the problem to remove again around the cable; 6, slippery rise door has rise rapidly, the reason and solution: more than spring bearing capacity; Follow the number of turns required of spring adjusting spring turns again; 7, there is often an outsiders things room door is damaged, the reason and solution: no significant safety labeling, cause people or small animals are very easy to very easy to hit the door; Post warning pictures or using this lamp as tips; 8, transmission gear is very easy to hold clothes pants or some other reason and solution: use protective equipment; Guardrail or placed protective equipment installation, not in the slippery rise at that time many people close to the door operation; 9, the slippery rise gate operation is not smooth, the reason and solution: spring not bearing; Regular maintenance of spring balance degree and carrying capacity.
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