Simple science hard fast shutter system

by:Hongfa     2020-07-12
Hard shutter, also known as aluminum alloy shutter, is a new type of metal shutter, has many characteristics, such as security, high partition. It is reliable, practical, easy to operate. Control system adopts the absolute servo system with DSP chip as the core. The system by receiving absolute encoder signal at the end of the motor to set the opening of the gate. Control box: the thickening of multi-function control box motor system, the absolute servo motor system, by: efficient synchronous motor; Import brand absolute encoder; Power loss braking system; Large inertia planetary gear reducer; Manual release mechanism; The manual fault device, etc. Overload capacity is strong, in some high frequency occasions, switch can work more than 2000 times a day. High resolution absolute encoder has 2000 rows. Use the manual release mechanism. Lifting gear is made of aluminum alloy guide bearing rail to ensure high-speed swear curtain, curtain and orbit without friction. Institutions by aluminium alloy curtain curtain, soft rubber joint rods, bearing bonded chain, wheel, etc. Aluminium alloy door curtain 1 ~ 200 mm thick, anodic oxidation on the surface and organic colouring processing. With more than 230 B/mpa tensile strength, in accordance with gb/t5237. 1 - 5 - 2000 standard color is gray, aluminum sand white, red two kinds of color optional, China aluminum door curtain after the connection through the soft connection rubber strip, soft connection parts folding longevity more than three times, design make the door curtain joint Angle chain carries well. No tolerance, door shutter is changeless, after a period of time, roughness can also be maintained. Door at runtime, by polyamide resin wheel sliding in the aluminum alloy orbit, in the high speed running is not going to happen in the process of friction and dry. 1 safety system, infrared safety protective eye: doorjamb is equipped with a wireless electric eye, below the shutter objects keep the door open; When the door a body falling objects from below by the door, the door open to the open position. When there is no obstacle, at the bottom of the safe side: when the door in the infrared protection blind area, when the door body is pressed under the obstacles, the speed of the door in the open door to rebound. Light screen protection system: this configuration is Bast industrial door is the most effective form of security protection, its grating wall installed in the direction of the heavy straight position, usually composed of 18 set of head, is a door curtain position and the protection of passing through the calculation of 485 communication protocol or object of a kind of effective measures. Power supply for 13 single-phase/a / 220 V / 50 Hz/performance characteristics: infrared safety protection, safety protection at the bottom edge, screen protection system, to keep safety performance at a higher level. 30 m/S wind/air resistance grade 11) Thermal insulation coefficient, K value of 0. 4 w/M2K performance guide rail, connection manual sealing curtain above function is hard door system is introduced in this paper, the hope can help you.
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