Shutter door quickly brake skid should be how to deal with?

by:Hongfa     2020-08-01
Fast shutter door is widely used in industrial production workshop, special goods transport demands, has the characteristics of open closed sharply, and can be convenient goods into and agile closed it is very convenient to use. Frequently opening and closing, to pay more attention to ordinary maintenance, do check in real time, can you improve with experience, the use of security, and use life. Behold, we are speaking of shutter door quickly under braking skid what are the reasons and how to amiable form. (1), if there is oil check brake friction brake piece. Use a small amount of gasoline to wash. (2), check the tightening under the spring force is elastic enough may be reduced. Can consider replacement new spring. (3), there is another reason is the electromagnet installation position is not straight, perhaps a shift, can be reinstalled. Secondly, for the shutter door quickly hand pull chain, for the ordinary there will be two aspects of the subject. (1), using the electromagnet fasteners loose, to reinforce it. (2), is the roll ring chain blocked the cross slot. This topic we can put the chain to straighten out.
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