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by:Hongfa     2020-08-11

The added benefits of steel doors over timber include durability, lower maintenance, and higher security due to its strength. This makes steel an optimum choice for secure doors for industrial buildings.

Their range of doors come with large and numerous benefits for your building. The Delta Steel 1000 Flush Steel Doors are one of the most secure steel door sets. They come complete with their own frame, and can be fitted on internal or external applications to provide high security. Sizes up to 2900mm high are available, and they can be purchased as single or double doors. To ensure the most secure solution, these specialists will tailor the doors to your specifications and requirements. They offer numerous frame and threshold options, as well as bespoke designs for your building.

They also provide fire resistant and budget steel doors, as a secure door option. The fire resistant doors effectively prevent the spread of flames and smoke, ensuring essential safety features in the event of such an incident occurring. The budget doors are an excellent cost effective solution, and include 10 point locking or escape hardware and varying frame sizes of 900mm x 2100mm or 100mm x 2100mm.

Also specialists in fast action doors, they supply high speed doors which have been designed for severe weather conditions. With the ability to withstand wind pressures up to 120km/h, you can be sure that your building and everything within it remains safe and secure at all times.

For ultimate protection, steel doors Northampton offer the ideal resolution. Why put your contents at risk when high quality security is so easily available? Contact this company today to secure your building.

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