Rapid rolling door what other functions

by:Hongfa     2020-07-09
Gathered rapid door cover parts, namely the door frame, and can quickly and curtain, control system, drive system, its kinetic energy is mainly can feel close to allow open and balance of payments. But, in addition to the basic function, and other value-added features: 1. Opening and closing machine, active, secure operation. Gather fast door opening and closing implements the motor driven, greatly reduce the labor intensity of the balance of the door and obedience. Due to the adopted the advanced control skills and safety protection methods, take the initiative to make payments more secure. 2. The airtight function and the function of throttling power. No matter go to which position is open to outside, the door is closed, so can reduce heat loss, reduce the invasion of the dust, added in sealing, throttling the power. Other types of active door closed door because can quickly and can regulate doors open width, also added its impermeability and throttling power function. 3. Gather fast door strengthened building decorate beautification function. Due to the fast door widely accepted new plan, new decoration materials and new processing technology, its shape and structure and building material will become more harmonious, mating, strengthening the construction of beautification function. 4. Can be satisfied with a variety of special functions. According to the difference between the use of the site and the difference of demand function has a variety of special gathering fast door appears on the market.
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