Rapid rolling door seeping in?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-20
Fast shutter in the factory now is widely used in enterprises, in the actual installation construction, if do not pay attention to some details, tend to leave after the use of the hidden trouble, seeping in. Corresponding measures: 1, because of the fast shutter profiles with different thermal expansion coefficients of wall materials, under the influence of temperature and junction box body with wall body easy generation hairline cracks. In order to prevent water penetration cracks, rapid rolling door window frame and wall should be elastic connection, construction should be cleared when joint float ash, mortar groove etc sundry, play around with the wall outside the box body joint sealant were closed, note glue to continuous, don't miss, the bond is strong. 2, at the junction of exposed screw, also want to bury sealed with sealant, prevent water penetration. Fast shutter doors and Windows installation is not strong, the overall stiffness is poor, rapid rolling door window frame and wall joint cracking; Push-pull or opening and closing doors and Windows, the box fan jitter; By wind pressure or hand push and pull, the large deformation of frame, shaking, give a person with a sense of insecurity. Prevention and control measures: 1, fast shutter doors and Windows should be according to the size of the hole door, installation height, select the appropriate section. 2, rapid rolling door window frame, when installation should be used in fitting with the wall as a reliable connection. The fittings thickness not less than 1 should be adopted. 5 mm steel sheet and anticorrosive processing. Connection methods generally adopt expansion bolts, the needle into the wall. After 3, fast shutter doors and Windows installation, can push pressure inspection door window frame, when shaking or deformation is found, should carry on the reinforcement. The above is about & other; What to do with fast shutter seeping in & throughout; The related introduction, hope to help everyone. Hongfa industry mainly engaged in the fast door and rapid rolling door, such as collision free door, medical airtight door design, production and installation, welcome consulting.
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