Rapid rolling door remote control lock?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-08
Today, fast shutter can be seen everywhere in life, can be widely applied. But some people in the process of using rapid rolling door, but accidentally pressed the lock button on the remote control, remote control is locked, it should be how to deal with? Below, hongfa door door makers said their unlock process quickly. Knows, rapid rolling door remote control used in rapid rolling door remote control with four control shutter button, in addition to the control of elevator updown triangle, square of keys, lock buttons on the remote control, press the button, can be quickly locked the door motor, make fast door remote control other keys will be failure, unable to operate. At this time to solve other buttons to be locked, can press the square of key. This is just a quick rolling door remote control was locked in the normal situation, there are some locked phenomena caused by abnormal cases, the unlock process nature also differ, specific content as follows: first, open the rapid rolling door at the top of the repaired mouth, find a lift with iron chains. Then, with the hand pull the chain, and gradually can't overexert, lest form hardware damage. If unable to pull the unlock, block the fast shutter power supply, then gradually pull test by hand. In general, bearing repair at the mouth of the general in the upper right-hand corner. In addition, there is an easy way, it is then to electric power, at this time of the remote control lock automatically lifted.
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