Rapid rolling door regular inspection should pay attention to matters

by:Hongfa     2020-07-02
Fast shutter regular inspection maintenance matters: 1, the query on time fast shutter door, did slide rail deformation; 2, have door operation binding; Electric control cabinet labeled data signals are all normal; 3 if there is any damage, shell; Key box can lock; 4, electrodynamic manual type operation buttons is fine; 5, on, slide button is not so good, press, falling on the button, fast shutter is solution to raise or lower position operation, if do not agree, will be immediately terminated, for adjusting switch power item sequence suitability can practice again. Note: the key practical fast rise and fall in the whole process of rolling door, actual operation staff leave actual operation on the spot, in addition to pay close attention to the fast rise and fall to a certain parts of the rolling door, hold down the abrupt stop switch, if door can fully automatic termination. If rising fast shutter will slide or reduce has to the road surface is not terminated, to carry out high speed limit switch equipment, to limit switch to repair all normal again after test again, until everything is ok. Rapid rolling door produces brake system reason and the solution of rapid rolling door to the door of the joints theme page more string together, within a stationary cableway, door top secret medicine for management center to rotate around the door, equipped with safety and sealing properties is very important. Due to the rapid rolling door to the secret medicine for the operation management center, so the application process of wandering situation is a common problem, the following summary some causing widespread door wandering reason and its relative solution, the following: 1, the friction brake braking system with oily be soiled, clean up the car with petrol. 2, reduce pressure spring force, changing a yellow. 3, the electromagnetic coil installation askew, reshipment. Not only harm the fast shutter wandering body all normal operations, is also very prone to production safety accidents, suspicious for immediately once found to deal with this problem, and can't delay no matter, in addition, maintenance fast shutter please repair center staff as much as possible in order to develop, don't have to remove the fast door without authorization and spare parts, safety accident is very easy to produce risk.
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