Rapid rolling door photoelectric sensor installation steps

by:Hongfa     2020-07-02
As everybody knows, fast shutter photoelectric control method is varied, such as radar, infrared sensor, optical, etc. , this is not the same as magnetic induction method under rapid door also differ in installation of the production process, in terms of hongfa network built today said that light fast shutter optical magnetic induction of the installation process and common problems. When installing a fast shutter optical induction system software, the first to optical shine and reflection board level fixed in the fast shutter doors on both sides, then photoelectric switch cable connection to the electrical control cabinet terminal row, can be in accordance with the label in connection. So how to carry out the wiring? When the electric control cabinet and GND pin terminal line, the blue line can be connected to the g-spot wiring mouth application, a line of connection in the photoelectric switch to the g-spot, high-speed door landed on earth, photoelectric switch will have data signals, wedges in the infrared induction, rising fast door to door. If photoelectric switch line connection to the X5, fast shutter door after landing on earth, photoelectric switch signal is bad, wedges meet with infrared sensor position, at this time that line wiring is not correct, need to be corrected immediately. When fast shutter photoelectric switch cable connected to the electrical control cabinet, open the switch power supply, light flashing light, green light shows an optical switch can be normal used, when the pale yellow light indicates that the data signal did not point to, have to manually adjust the photoelectric switch around and reflection board level area, for the two parts at the same level, signal transmitter is returned to the data signal lights, all can normal application at this moment. After fast shutter optical sensing switch installed on, so as to determine its application effect, also will work on the photoelectric switch to function test, test, if the content block through the controller, optical display lamp as light yellow, the door door rise does not reduce, when content blocks away induction area, optical display lamp of emerald, door automatic cut after the katyn.
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