Rapid rolling door ooze water how to deal with?

by:Hongfa     2020-07-19
Occasional syndrome in common use inventions appeared at fast frame with wall surrounding the connecting seepage, especially under the window Angle is seen, the second is the joining together of the window. Below small make up for the public how should we solve fast door if appear ooze water. In today's fast door is widely accepted in the residence. In the actual installation, if do not pay attention to some details, tend to leave the use of the back hidden trouble, seeping in. Corresponding methods: 1. Because of the rapid door profiles with wall materials of thermal expansion coefficient difference, in under the influence of temperature, the box body with easy happening at wall connecting hairline cracks. In order to prevent the crack water seepage, the fast door window frame should be done with the wall elastic cohesion, at pioneer construction should be in addition to connecting float ash, mortar groove etc sundry, again in the box body surface with playing around at the wall connecting note sealant blockade, note glue to continue, not an omission, to be strong. 2. The exposed connecting screws, also want to bury sealed with sealant, prevent water penetration. Fast Windows installation is not strong, the overall stiffness is poor, at fast door window frame and wall connecting cracking; Push-pull or opening and closing doors and Windows, the box fan jitter; By wind pressure or hand push and pull, the large deformation of frame, swings, give a person with a sense of insecurity. Method of prevention and cure: 1. Fast Windows and doors should be according to the size of the hole door, installation height, choose the suitable profile. 2. Rapid door window frame, when installation should be accepted in the wall as a strong cohesion. Cohesion should accept the thickness of not less than 1. 5 mm steel sheet, and anti-corrosion treatment. Cohesion to common acceptance) bolts, sat on a wall inside. 3. Fast door window is installed, can push pressure inspection door window frame, such as invention shake or deformation, should be reinforced. This is introduced about fast door seeping in how to do, if there any questions can contact our online customer service well, we'll answer one by one to you.
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