Rapid rolling door of daily inspection maintenance

by:Hongfa     2020-07-10
In order to ensure the security of fast shutter, reliable operation, the user or fast door management personnel in the daily need for fast shutter for the necessary operation maintenance. Rapid door needs in the test, in the absence of other personnel interference inspection process needs to be divided into the following steps. 1, if the fast shutter installed auxiliary light sensors ( Infrared correlation protection device) , when the door is open, people stood still, with the hand keep out auxiliary light sensors, door should remain open. When hand left after a few seconds, the door should be closed. 2, when people leave after induction area, rapid rolling door sensors in delay 1 - After 10 seconds ( The length can be set by rapid door switch parameters) , fast shut down automatically, rapid door movements should be smooth and no collision occurs. 3, normal observers by fast door walking routes, need to adjust daily walking routes for personnel is moving towards the door quickly, the fast door rather than at a certain Angle. 4, fast shutter, rapid induction door sensors width should be greater than the width of the door. 5, researchers from the door or door to door quickly at normal speed, fast door should automatically open, fast door action should be smooth and no collision occurs; Rapid door opened, staff of about 150 mm per second - 200 mm speed slow by fast door, fast door should remain open.
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